Research Development Manufacture

Research Design Development


We develop in-house solutions and specialty products for parks and gardens. Our products are innovative and bring technological advances in the world of planning in particular playgrounds. We use many technologies to create these original products, these fun educational fun games.

The programs and features games and activities are often requested by customers. Our games are then developed in-house which allows to respond quickly to all new projects. All of the study and the manufacture itself takes place on our premises in France by our technicians and engineers.

Our suppliers are European companies which allows us to use materials and components that meet all quality standards.

Our interactive technology is characterized by a number of innovations that make our products easy to install, configure and maintain.


Patented sealed pressure sensors and wireless.

Flexible mask system that promotes the maintenance operations.

Parameterization and remote maintenance via a 3G modem (optional).

logo arbreThe facilities are energy-autonomous solar with our totem.

Movable resistant to weathering and vandalism.

Facilities bénificient frequent updating.