Interactive and solar Totem


Totem sailed all Sensigom technology.

Our totem that embeds all the technology is energy self-sufficient thanks to its solar panel or wind its socket. It may of course in some cases be connected to the mains.

It can be equipped with a Bluetooth receiver, allowing any user to connect to it to disseminate his own music.

The integrated electronic card allows the system intelligence, and has been designed for outdoor use, it is resistant to extreme temperatures and does not heat thus avoiding problems such as condensation.

The speakers used are of high quality and receive a signal from a pro amplifier for sound reproduction of high fidelity.

All communicates with sensors wired connection, or through the RF receiver.

Designable Totem. We also have other shapes and sizes.

  • A cloud-shaped case for example integrating perfectly into the environment.
  • One terminal for including, in addition to the display and speakers, buttons selection set.
  • A totem making our autonomous solar energy installations.
  • A hemisphere in which are installed the speakers and the system. Embedded discreetly technology.


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