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SENSIPARK : Outdoor facilities for health

Therapeutic Gardens

The Sensipark therapeutic modules for outdoor fitness courses are integrated in retirement homes, EHPAD and other medico-social institutes IME, FAM ... Our health garden appliances also equip more general care centers for walking incentive courses , and re-education.

Developed with occupational therapists, designed by an industrial engineer and manufactured by street furniture experts, our psychomotor equipment offers a variety of applications and exceptional weather resistance.

Beneficial effects: Development of balance, prevention of falls, muscle tone, exercises of psychomotricity, maintenance of autonomy, motor skills daily, reeducation etc.

The proposed exercises offer a fun and social side, and can also be practiced at several and / or between different generations. Design of multi-generational play spaces.

Our facilities are also accompanied by adapted furniture such as pergolas, benches, planters. Therapeutic garden furniture makes it possible to create facilities adapted to your needs and places by creating areas for relaxation sheltered from the sun or the rain.



Concept Modulable

Sensipark fitness trails are built with poles, bridles and specialized exercise modules. So our range is fully scalable. We can easily adapt the height of the modules, if they are adults, children or people with reduced mobility.

Investments can be incremental and you can add exercise modules to the same structure as your funding capabilities grow.

We offer by default a range of restful colors adapted to care environments, these RALs have been defined by experts and include RAL6010 green, RAL1015 beige and RAL7016 anthracite gray. However nothing is fixed and we can easily change the colors of the modules at your request to adapt to themes already defined.



  • Our range of devices for therapeutic garden developments are designed for outdoors and are weather resistant. We use materials from European provenances and recognized for their solidity. The assembly of modules before shipment is done in our factory located in Urrugne in the department of Pyrénées Atlantiques. The quality control before departure makes it possible to ensure the presence of all the parts necessary for the assemblies. (Assembly instructions, bolts, post caps, anchors …)
  • Posts: Stainless Steel
  • Anchoring parts, fasteners, flanges, clamps: Aluminum alloy
  • Rotating systems: stainless steel + O-rings (no dust and moisture)
  • Screws: 316 stainless steel
  • Pedals & plates: Polyamide injected
  • Panels: Polyethylene + lightweight stainless steel structure.


Motric Skills

The following equipment offers a wide range of exercises that involve the arms, hands, wrists and shoulder. The cranks and rotor are made of aluminum parts, stainless steel poles and polyethylene panels. The design with flanges allows to adjust the height of the modules so each exercise machine below can be adapted to PMR & wheelchair users.



This family of equipment makes it possible to work the balance, the standing stature and makes it possible to compose courses of walk and reeducation. These apparatuses make work mainly the lower limbs and the balance. These products are suitable for rehabilitation centers and re-learning of walking.


Sport & Adresse

The following apparatus is accessible on more physical exercises and concentration games.



Our product range also includes planters, to the delight of cultivators grass and green hands. These activities related to nature are very beneficial to the health and mood of your residents.



The seats of the Sensipark range are designed to integrate perfectly with the design of the apparatus and offer real moments of relaxation. Composed of an INOX structure and exotic wood boards, these equipment require little maintenance and will be used for many years.



With these sun, rain or snow protections, the panel exercise areas and the facilities will be able to offer more safety and comfort as well as shelters in case of difficult weather conditions.


Multi sensorial

Our installations are accompanied by interactive & electronic devices allowing the creation of sensory gardens more specific to certain pathologies such as Alzheimer's or autism. Soils and equipment interact with sounds, lights, vibrations, odors ... The Sensigom technology that accompanies these installations offers a multitude of technical solutions, some of which operate solely on solar energy.

SENSORY SPACES: Fragrance Diffuser / Sound Diffuser / Bright Piano / No Vibrant / 4 Stations

Sensipark landscape

  • Play music automatically.
  • Equipping devices fitness device for explaining the operation and issue some advice.
  • Manage a fogger system. Making exercise safely while avoiding the hot shots.
  • Create games dedicated in collaboration with the medical teams. (memory game, reflex game, music therapy, lumino therapy, psychomotor …)

The sets in Island

The sets in islands are adapted to restricted spaces and allow to integrate many exercises of psychomotricity on a small surface.

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