Playground with integrated technology

We use various sensor technologies, they are completely hidden and invisible high reliability. They help to build the interaction between users and our music programs, fun, relaxing … Soft soils have a high resistance and are easy to maintain.


We also integrate the LED technology to our soils. These lights also serve as elements of interaction.


Patented sensor

We have developed two patented sensor technologies that operates without a cable. (Wireless technology)





LED technology
We use LEDs in all its forms, headbands, digits, disc, circle, cross to create special light games.

 multi-jeux Sensigom





Recreative Safety Floor

Our recreative safety floor provide a wide range of color.

Ecological sub-layers offer greater security and a large shock absorption.

It is an ideal material for outdoor and to implant our sensors.

We have on these same floors of a PV fire for indoor use and EN1177 standard for playgrounds.