One game board for more light and interactive games.

Multiplay is a sensitive and bright carpet. This is a checkerboard floor with round and cross twinkling with the positioning of the player. We have developed several games and activities.

multi-game-2 multi-game

Known games rehabilitated through our technology. They can be played alone, but it’s mostly more they play. Very friendly these games allow users to have a good time with family or friends.

Our team games use multiple technologies. The integration of sensor and led into the ground allow to create different configurations.


1 or 2 players

We all played Tic-tac-toes on a corner of paper. We find him outdoor in a  large format thanks to Sensiplay. A mode allow  to challenge the totem. Available in line 3 or line 4

Musical Chairs 

2-8 players

Musical chairs is a game of luminescent floor, several circles are lit at the beginning of the game. Players must move to that position. Music starts, the players must move while she spreads and replace when it stops. A circle of light is gone! One player is not on a circle, he must leave the game. Sequences are repeated until only one player remains in the game. The last whbids up wins.

Mission Sensigom 

1-2 players

Concentration and mouvments, will last longer! Circles are moving more and more quickly!


1 to 4 players

Music parade, yours (via Bluetooth) or those systems. It will dance to the beat on the positions that light!



The equilibrium Sensigom game can be played at any age. A series of color or form associated with a body part is set via our totem, the goal is to remain the maximun time in balance, falling player must leave the game. Even played only the game has its difficulties . The challenge is to get to the end of the suite.