Interactive Playground

Sensigom develops interactive products for playgrounds and social spaces. With our office study we can easily reproduce a design, atmosphere and game out of your imagination. Games, lights, music … everything is transmittable via our interactive system. So do not hesitate to share your projects!
Sensigom offer a variety of sensory items and games that can be installed indoors, connecting to existing power sources or outdoors, using solar power or electric supply. This technology can be used to enhance the play value in any playground and is particularly appropriate to accommodate inclusive play for all and therefore ideal provision in SEN settings.

Sensigom are committed to creating fun and engaging sensory games for the play sector. We are looking forward to using these products in an effective, creative and inclusive way in our projects.

Interactive floor for playground
Multiplay is a sensitive and bright carpet. This is a checkerboard floor with round and cross twinkling with the positioning of the player. We have developed several games and activities.With our design department we now create applications and structures for your playgrounds.

We use various sensor technologies, they are completely hidden and invisible high reliability. They help to build the interaction between users and our music programs, fun, relaxing …The grounds have a high resistance and are easy to maintain.We also integrate the LED technology to our soils. These lights also serve as elements of interaction.
Sound floor for playgroundSome of our games are specialized in learning concepts through play. Learning the alphabet, hear the cries of the animals, or playing his first musical notes are just as many fun and educational activities. Sound discoveries are games with designs of special forms and letters, a sound stored in our system is assigned to each of them.

These interactive games allow the child to discover and become familiar with the alphabet, farm animals, shapes and colors.
interactive light playground

interactive light playground

Led technology allows us to create games combining audio and visual elements.


We recently installed rubber mushrooms, stepping on it, they shine and deliver a poetic sound. An atmosphere dreamed by children, who can give free rein to their imagination in these enchanted park. In the same park we also installed a light hopscotch, revolutionizing the mythical schoolyard games.

Interactive pathway

Although we have several predefined products, our interactive games are constantly evolving and adapting to customer demand.
In public spaces, our devices are programmed with you as the days and hours you want.
The strength of materials used allow outdoor installation with public access.
The totem that embeds all Sensigom technology is designed to withstand harsh conditions.Musical floor for playground
You can head on different categories of existing games, by following the menu Sensiplay.