Interactive game

Since July 15, a play area of a new kind was installed Place du General Leclerc. An almost unique concept in France

AAnglet, a curious orange carpet made its appearance on July 15, place du Général-Leclerc. This is an interactive playground, developed by a company located in Urrugne. It consists of a technological point and a light sensitive mats made of crosses and rings that sparkle.

With the feet
Alone or in teams, players only use their feet to try games like Tic Tac Toe, musical chairs, the animals memo or the Sensigom mission, a game of reflexes is to jump as quickly as possible on the circles appear.

A new interactive playground that seems to appeal to children: « My favorite game is the mission Sensigom because it moves in all directions and there are traps, » said, smiling, Valentin, 7 years.

« A very nice initiative » assures his grandmother who watches play from the bench: « My two grandchildren son spotted quickly the playground This is a moment that they are playing the parents are.. of shopping. It’s perfect, it occupies the waiting, « she says, delighted.


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