Floors coverings «Ballgom»  are adapted  for pool beaches, water parks, cushioning floors for indoor and outdoor playgrounds. The process ballgom specially formulated polyurethane is a cover poured ready(in position) thermoplastic demircrobilles and of a sociable disposition(binder).

Our grounds are particularly resistant in UV, in climatic attacks (heat, frost(gel)) and in the chemicals of which the chlorine used for the cleaning of water parks.We also benefit from a fire-resistant patent on these products for application in indoor spaces.


Our systems BALLGOM@ Of thermoplastic balls and resins polyurethane were specially developed to meet the needs of resistance and longevity of the sports, playful and aquatic flexible grounds.

Developed by 3 complementary companies (Dieco/RNC/ Synthelast), the Ballgom system brings a real advance(overhang) in the world of the flexible grounds poured with a resisting product in chlorine and anti treatment(processing) seaweeds of waters of swimming pools, with a very long UV resistance (2x more than a ground epdm).

We are certified ISO9001: 2008, Vast tests guarantee that our materials and systems answer the strictest standards, of the conception in the installation.

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